Micro Fiber Mop Head - Frame - and Handle

Micro Fiber Mop Head – Frame – and Handle



Microfiber Flat Mop System – Removes 80% more dust
and dirt than traditional mops. 





We offer a full line of safety mats, anti-fatigue mats, scraper mats, carpeted floor mats, custom logo mats and drainage mats with lease or purchase options.

Walk Off Mat

Walk Off Mat

This is one of the most important parts of your maintenance program. The basic idea is to leave tracked-in soil on the walk-off carpet instead of the interior carpet or floors 

Walk-off mats are placed in what is referred to as clean-off zones, such as entry vestibules or entrance hallways. In some cases you may even place a walk-off mat in an entire informal lobby.  By design, these carpets need to be cleaned more often, but they are real money savers since the interior carpet or floors will need less maintenance and up-keep!





Custom Logo Mats make a great first impression! 

No up-front investment necessary.


Click Here to see a item list of sizes and colors available (Logo mats are custom made using your current art work)


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